Are you near burnout as a lawyer?

If you are looking to modify your work circumstances or transition to a way of making a living more aligned with your values and aspirations, let us help and support you.

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Empowering Lawyers Through Personalized Life Workshops

Welcome to BSK Life Coaching, where our mission is to empower attorneys to align their extensive professional experience with their personal values and aspirations, creating a harmonious life where work complements rather than consumes. Bohdan Kosovych, a Certified Professional Life Coach and seasoned attorney, offers over 40 years of insight to guide lawyers through career modifications or transitions.

Services Offered

At BSK Life Coaching, we believe in forming trusting relationships that empower you to craft your own vision.

Career Transition Workshops

Navigate new professional landscapes with our career transition workshops.

Work-Life Balance Strategies

Master the art of juggling professional responsibilities and personal well-being

Stress Reduction Techniques

Our techniques that promote mental, emotional, and overall health for a better life.

Vision and Goal Setting Workshops

Set clear and attainable objectives with our workshops on vision and goal setting.

Make an Appointment

Ready to transform your professional journey and find fulfillment in your legal career? Let’s embark on this path together.

People Bohdan Has Helped

Hear from clients who have found success and satisfaction through our coaching services. Their testimonials reflect the transformative experiences and the supportive guidance provided by BSK Life Coaching.

How We Help

Discover the steps we take to help

Identify and Specify the Issues

Conduct a comprehensive assessment to determine the key challenges.

Set Forth Specific Vision

Outline a clear and strategic plan with achievable goals that align with our mission.

Take Specific Actions

Work to achieve the vision and goals, and adjust actions as necessary.

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